TEPCON-2024 International Conference is going to organized  by Gujarat Vascular Society on 1-March and 2-March at  Grand Mercure Gandhinagar gift city

TEPCON-2024, an International Conference on Vascular and Endovascular Surgery has been organized by Gujarat Vascular Society at  Grand Mercure, Gandhinagar Gift city Gandhinagar.

More than 200 vascular surgeons from across India will participate in TEPCON-2024. Various methods and techniques of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of vascular diseases will be discussed in this conference. There is a lack of awareness about cardiovascular diseases in the society as well as in the medical field. Usually vascular diseases such as varicose veins, gangrene in legs, carotid disease causing paralysis. Foot problems, aortic aneurysm etc. in diabetic patients are seen a lot in our society. But there is very little awareness and information about these diseases. Dr. Vijay Thakor, Dr. Srujal Shah, Dr. Manish Rawal and Dr. Krunal Gohil gave information about this.

The purpose of this conference is to prevent such diseases, treat them properly and discuss various methods of vascular science. In this conference all the surgeons will present their real, clinical case experience and discuss the best treatment for the patients. The conference will discuss innovations and their application in patient care and strive for better and accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Various international and national companies will exhibit their products in this conference. Which will be helpful in treating patients with cardiovascular problems. Vascular diseases are similar to heart disease. Just as blockages in the arteries of the heart lead to heart attacks, blockages in the arteries of the legs cause gangrene (and, if not treated properly, lead to amputations.) and blockages in the neck arteries cause paralysis. Blockage of blood vessels causes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) which can be fatal. Varicose veins are caused by leakage in the veins. Blockage of blood vessels in the body leads to various vascular problems. Angioplasty of the leg in the treatment of most vascular diseases Or a leg bypass operation is done. Vascular diseases related to blood vessels can be treated with excellent results only if done by a vascular surgeon. This conference is organized by Gujarat Vascular Society Dr. It is being done under the leadership of Vijay Thakor and his team.

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