“My SaaRthis are my mom and dad”, says Fahmaan Khan essaying the role of Aryaman in COLORS’ ‘Krishna Mohini’

COLORS recently launched, ‘Krishna Mohini’, a heartwarming family drama that demonstrates the importance of having a saaRthi (guiding force) in one’s life. Celebrating the endearing bond between a brother and sister residing in Dwarka, Gujarat. The show follows the journey of Krishna (played by Debattama Saha), who is her younger brother Mohan’s (played by Ketaki Kulkarni) ‘SaaRthi’, standing firm like a lighthouse to illuminate the darkest paths for him amid life’s challenges.

1 Tell us something about your new show ‘Krishna Mohini’. –
This is a fresh topic that has never been seen on television. The show revolves around the bond between siblings, highlighting the importance of having a saaRthi, a guiding force, in one’s life. Krishna’s role as a SaaRthi to her brother Mohan portrays the deep-rooted connection between siblings.

2 Tell us something about your character in the show and how is it different from previous roles?

There are many layers to my character, making it is edgy and challenging to portray. Talking about my character Aryaman, he is deeply devoted to his family, despite grappling with limitations. His reserved demeanour stems from a tumultuous past, adding a unique depth that sets him apart from my previous roles.

3 This show is a new beginning for you. What made you sign this show?

Krishna Mohini’ is a very progressive and fresh show. People always want to see progressive shows on television, and this is one of those stories. When the director narrated the story to me, I was fully invested in it.

4 How important it is to have a SaaRthi in life, who is your guiding light, and who is your SaaRthi in real life?

My SaaRthis are my mom and dad. Also, my brother has been a big support for many reasons. Though he lives abroad, he has had a huge impact on my life. I have learned so much from him. My father has always been a guide to me, and my mom is always there to take care of me. It is the same thing we are showing in this story—a sister’s love towards her brother and how she is his SaaRthi.

5 How is it to shoot with Debattama Saha on the sets? How has your experience been?

Shooting with Debattama Saha on set has been really enjoyable. We’ve known each other for a while, so working together feels natural and relaxed. We have a lot of fun shooting scenes together.

6 A message for your fans.

‘Krishna Mohini’ is a compelling story of siblings which will capture the hearts of audiences. This tale shows the journey of brother sister bond and the importance of having a SaaRthi, a guiding light, in our lives. I hope the viewers love and support us on our new endeavour.

Watch ‘Krishna Mohini’ at 7:00 pm every day only on COLORS!

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