Avval Foundation launched “Food Card” to empower economically deprived people

• A “food card” that can be more useful than cash

• Can be used at medical store, provision store and food store

Avval Foundation has always been doing work for the benefit of the society by doing various activities for economically deprived people, old- age helpless people, education of poor children, Tirth Yatra and Samuhik Vivah. Avval Foundation under the leadership of Managing Trustee Mr. Abhisar Kalal is now undertaking a new initiative. They have launched a “food card” that can be more useful than cash to economically deprived people and beggars

This food card is specially designed for the “poor people”. They can use this card at medical stores, provision stores and food stores. For this, Avval Foundation has tied up with 3200 shops covering different areas in Ahmedabad and placed their QR code stickers, so that any person can go to any shop and buy their life necessities.

Avval Foundation is also working to create awareness for this among poor people. They went different areas giving them insight about the card. A donor can transfer money to Avval Foundation by scanning the QR code and Avval Foundation can deliver the money to the account of the economically deprived person. This also develops the sense of learning something new in those people.

Avval food cards represent a fundamental shift from charity to empowerment. They believe in complete transparency. It always takes a community to empower a community.

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