COLORS’ ‘Laughter Chef Unlimited Entertainment’: “Vicky and I are not cooking experts, but we know how to keep the audience entertained”, says Ankita Lokhande

COLORS is all set to serve ‘Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment’, a one-of-a-kind culinary-comedy crossover that brings an extravaganza of non-stop entertainment. Twelve popular entertainers are entering a chaotic kitchen for an epic cooking showdown that’s sure to be a blast. From messing up recipes to cracking jokes, they’re poised to stir up a storm of laughter. This kitchen will be graced by stars donning the chef’s hat including Krushna Abhishek – Kashmera Shah, Vicky Jain – Ankita Lokhande, Rahul Vaidya – Aly Goni, Reem Sameer Shaikh – Jannat Zubair, Karan Kundrra – Arjun Bijlani, and Sudesh Lehri – Nia Sharma. Adding the tadka of her humour is the one and only comedy queen Bharti Singh, with Celebrity Chef Coach Harpal Singh Sokhi lending a helping hand to the novice chefs and rating their dishes. Among the laughter chefs, Ankita Lokhande shares her experience of stepping aboard this laugh riot.

Taking part in COLORS’ unique culinary and comedy crossover is a pretty big deal for her. Cooking has never been her strong suit, so the idea of diving into something completely new, while also entertaining viewers, got her excited and drew Ankita’s attention to participate in the show. After coming out of the BIGG BOSS house, she had  a blast working with COLORS that she was eager to keep the momentum going. It’s been such a fun journey for Ankita with Colors, and she knew this experience would be full of surprises and learning moments. As Vicky and Ankita both don’t know how to cook very well, so they think everybody can give a big competition to them. Vicky and Ankita are not cooking experts, but they know how to keep the audience entertained.  She thinks the audience is going to have a blast watching them cook on the show. It’s not every day that people get to see celebs like them trying ther hand in the kitchen! And with the whole gang – Bharti, Krushna, Sudesh sir, Kashmera, her husband Vicky and her, there’s going to be so much laughter and fun. I think people are in for a real treat, seeing them all cooking and joking around together.

She can’t cook because she has an injury in her hand, so her husband will be doing all the cooking and this is how Ankita will strike a balance between managing the chaos of the kitchen and offering unlimited entertainment. But she’ll be there, telling him what to do and what not to do. They’ll work together as a team, and she’s sure she’ll do just fine. This is a big deal for her because she has never cooked before. She’s challenging herself to learn something new and see if she can be entertaining while doing it. It’s all about trying something different and seeing how it goes and this is how she is planning to approach humour in the cooking challenges.

She remembers as a kid, while she was helping her mother prepare pooranpoli, she burnt herself with hot ghee and this is the biggest kitchen mishap she has encountered in real life. After that incident, she realised that cooking is not for her. She hasn’t really thought about how she’ll handle handle the pressure of the competition, especially if things don’t go as planned. She’s just going with the flow. But one thing she knows for sure is that she’s here to entertain. Even though she doesn’t have a plan, she’s sure she’ll find a way to make it fun for everyone watching.If her cooking style were a super-hero, She’d be Ginnie, she would just blink her eyes, and everything would be ready. Picturing herself  as a dish on a restaurant menu she’s name herself as Kurkuri because potatoes can fit in anywhere. She feels like she’s the same way – she can be comfortable wherever they put her. Sharing a hilarious kitchen disaster from her past she tells she once boiled milk during the inauguration of their home and apart from that she has never tried cooking. Describing her cooking style in three words, using only ingredients commonly found in the pantry she mentions, Namkeen, sweet and laal-mirch! For survival, if she has to cook something then she’s make Aloo ki sabji and chapati.

Dekhiye ‘Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment’ 1st June se har Saturday – Sunday raat 9.30 baje se sirf COLORS par.

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