David Unger and Sajan Raj Kurup enter into a JV partnership to promote Indian talent globally

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the Indian entertainment industry, Artist International Group (AIG), led by industry veteran David Unger, and Creativeland Studios, spearheaded by renowned creative entrepreneur Sajan Raj Kurup, have announced the formation of a joint venture, bringing AIG to India. This strategic partnership aims to merge AIG’s global expertise with India’s burgeoning creative talent, fostering a new era of creativity and cultural exchange.

Calling the partnership a game-changing move for the Indian creative industry, founder of Creativeland Studios, Sajan Raj Kurup said “I am a firm believer that content and talent are geography agnostic. Partnering with David and launching AIG India allows us to extend our creative horizons and provide our talent with the global exposure they deserve and vice versa. This joint venture is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and fostering a vibrant cultural exchange. Especially now more than ever, with Indian talent proving its mettle on the international stage.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Raj and Creativeland Studios. India is a treasure trove of talent with a third of the content coming from India. Through this joint venture, we aim to unlock new avenues for Indian artists to showcase their work globally and hope to bring Hollywood and global talents to India, fostering true collaborations. I am confident that our united strengths will provide unparalleled opportunities and spearhead the next wave of cultural innovation, both in India and globally.” said David Unger, CEO of Artist International Group. This joint venture is set not only to elevate Indian talent but also represent international and Hollywood talent in the Indian subcontinent, enriching the global entertainment industry with fresh, innovative perspectives.

The new talent and production company, AIG India, is set to focus on identifying, nurturing, and promoting Indian talent across various artistic disciplines, both in India and globally. By leveraging AIG’s extensive network and Hollywood know-how, combined with Creativeland Studio’s deep understanding of the Indian market and creative landscape, the collaboration aims to create a robust platform that supports Indian artists in reaching international audiences and achieving global recognition, while also orchestrating collaborations for international talent in the Indian subcontinent.

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