“It is heartwarming to see my police officer’s character strike a chord with the young generation,” says Shagun Pandey of ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’

COLORS’ ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’ has entertained the viewers with its gripping plot. The show centres on the lives of two contrasting individuals Bulbul (Shruti Choudhary) and Veer, (Shagun Pandey), who are navigating the challenges of married life. Despite being as different as night and day, Bulbul and Veer’s chemistry has received tremendous love and admiration from the fans. Shagun Pandey’s portrayal of a respectable police inspector has not only earned him adulation on-screen but also garnered him immense respect off-screen. His convincing performance has resonated with audiences, leading to an outpouring of appreciation from real-life police inspectors.

Responding to the appreciation he gets for his performance, Shagun Pandey says, “I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming love and respect I have received for my portrayal as a police inspector on Mera Balam Thanedaar. I’m proud of our police force for their tireless service to the nation and to see my work acknowledged by them is an honour beyond words. I’ve met many real-life police officers who appreciated my character of Veer in the show. It is truly heartwarming to see that the character has struck a chord with everyone. I am grateful for this opportunity to not only entertain but also to inspire the younger generation to serve India.”

In the current storyline, Sulakshana confronts Geeta for hiding Bulbul’s kundali truth, escalating tensions. Veer and Bulbul reconcile during Holi but face a shocking revelation about their future. Drishti’s manipulative schemes create chaos, jeopardizing relationships as secrets reveal in the intense drama. The couple must deal with Drishti after finding out about her trickery with Bulbul’s kundali. Will Veer and Bulbul join hands in facing this challenge?

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