Bespoke Gallery Celebrates Indian Art with Suvigya Sharma’s Mesmerizing Brushstrokes.

Ahmedabad. Devin Gawarvala’s Bespoke Art Gallery dedicated to nurturing Indian artists, unveils a stunning showcase by revered Bharat Gaurav Awardee miniature artist Suvigya Sharma.

Since February 2023, Bespoke has championed both globally recognised and established Indian talents, offering them a platform to shine.

This latest showcase highlights Sharma’s captivating artistry, a blend of tradition and innovation.

Sharma, a maestro of diverse styles, captivates with life-like portraits, Tanjore paintings, and even restored frescos in global historical gems like Jaipur’s City Palace, Jama Masjid and the Singapore National Musem.

His Pichhwai art, depicting Nathdwara in vibrant vegetable colors, adorns museum walls. He breathes life into endangered animals and birds through Parisian art, juxtaposing them with the Gir forest and Adalaj stepwell.

The gallery promises a mesmerizing journey through Sharma’s universe. Dive into the intricate details of his Pichhwai, bask in the timeless elegance of 24K carat gold Tanjore paintings, and let Parisian art spark conversations about conservation. Each piece whispers the stories and emotions woven into the fabric of Indian artistry.

This isn’t just an art showcase; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in India’s rich artistic tapestry.

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