Atul P. Patel, Vice Chairman, IMPPA had discussion on regional films with Union Minister, Information and Broadcasting Shri Anurag Thakur

Goa:Recently, the 54th International Film Festival of India was held in Goa, which was a great success. IFFI is the fourth largest film festival of the world. Many dignitaries and celebrities were present throughout the festival. It is worth mentioning that the main objective of this film festival is to make our Indian films reach more and more people. The festival also received 3 times international entries this year. On the inauguration day of this festival, the Vice Chairman of IMPPA Mr. Atul P. Patel was present and also met Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mr. Anurag Thakur. Atul P. Patel discussed with Mr. Anurag Thakur especially about regional cinema to benefit more and more. He submitted that films are made in 14 languages in India and they really need government support. As the producers do not have enough knowledge to take these films to the international level, a special submission was made by Mr. Atul P Patel, Vice Chairman of IMPPA that regional films should also come forward with the help of the Government. Anurag Thakur found his proposal right and said that if IMPPA gives us regional films with really good content, then the government will help them to be presented at Cannes Film Festival as the government has a pavilion at Cannes Film Festival and also screens movies there. Atul P. Patel’s submission is likely to benefit regional cinema in the days to come.

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