Aimtron Foundation Expands its Empowerment and Skill Development Initiatives to the USA

Aimtron Corporation started in 2009, Specializes in electronics design and manufacturing, headquarted in Palatine, Illinois, USA. With branches in Vadodara, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad an Mumbai. Our manufacturing plant excels in  electronic design and manufacturing serviceswith advanced PCB assembly expertise.

At a very young age, I learned the value of education, hard work, and community service. When I came to the U.S. more than 30 years ago, I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur and I hope we cankindle that spark within the next generation through the Aimtron Foundation.”

Aimtron Foundation (2017), known for its social empowerment initiatives across India, is taking a significant step by expanding its operations to the United States.The inaugural event witnessed the attendance of notable dignitaries, community leaders, bankers, and supporters. Mukesh Vasani, CEO of Aimtron Group of Companies, shared the Foundation’s long-term vision of “Enriching Humanity Gratefully”, emphasizing the importance of creating opportunities for the youth by bridging the gap between educational and industrial sectors. This event marks a new era for the Foundation, which has made huge strides in fostering change and development in India for several years.

Aimtron Foundation’s mission has been clear from its inception – to be the catalyst for empowering youth to realize their full potential. Its initiatives encompass skill development, mentorship, and women empowerment. Among their programs are:

  • Youth Skill Development Courses: These courses have been crucial in providing young individuals with vital skills for the modern workforce, offering a range from technology-oriented programs to vocational training.
  • Mentorship Programs: The Foundation has connected young aspirants with industry professionals, offering mentorship that guides their career paths and shapes their futures.
  • Tailoring and Computer Classes for Women: These classes have been key in empowering women through skill development, enabling them to achieve financial independence and contribute to their communities.
  • Other Women Empowerment Initiatives: These have played a crucial role in helping women realize their potential and pursue their aspirations with confidence.

Aimtron Foundation’s expansion into the USA is a significant step. The Scholarship & Mentorship Program in Palatine, Illinois, carries forward the Foundation’s ethos. The program offers:

  • Scholarship Opportunities: This initiative provides financial aid to deserving students in the USA, supporting their academic pursuits.
  • Expert Mentorship: Similar to the Indian programs, American students will receive guidance from industry professionals.
  • Networking and Skill-Building Workshops: These workshops aim to provide American students with opportunities for professional growth.
  • Career Development Guidance: This helps students in the USA make informed decisions about their professional futures.

To learn more and participate, individuals in the USA can visit the Aimtron Foundation’s website:

The Aimtron Foundation’s expansion to the USA reflects its successful endeavors in India. By replicating its models of empowerment, skill development, and mentorship in the USA, the Foundation is set to have a larger global impact.

Contact Information:

  • USA Address: 611 S. Hicks Road, Palatine, IL 60067
  • India Address: 1/A, G.I. D. C. Waghodia – 391760
  • Email:

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