With the doctors support of Wockhardt Hospitals patient with paralysis of arms and legs walk within a month

Rajkot, January 2024: Dr. Jigar Singh Jadeja, Neuro and Spine Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, performed a miraculous procedure for a patient who can now walk within a month after being bedridden. An 18-year-old resident of Morbi suffered a fractured 7th cervical vertebra  after falling off his bike, leading to paralysis in the arms and legs due to spinal cord compression. The family had lost hope of him walking again until he was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals in a critical condition.

Dr. Jigarsinh Jadeja, Brain and Spine Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, successfully operated on the patient in which  fractured vertebra was removed and replaced with implants..

Dr. Jigarsinh Jadeja explains, “When the young man was admitted to the emergency ward, he had a fractured 7th cervical vertebra and paralysis of the arms and legs. It was a challenging situation for us to operate in, but we successfully performed the surgery. Within just one month, the patient can now walk without any deformity as before.”

About Wockhardt Hospitals:

As a leading healthcare service provider with a tradition of caring and innovation, Wockhardt Hospitals initiated its first operations in 1989 with a medical center in Kolkata. Wockhardt Limited, India’s fifth-largest pharmaceutical and healthcare firm, operates in 20 countries worldwide.

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